Clear and simple instructions for giving first aid

  • Basic CPR
  • What to do in case of choking
  • How to put a man in a lateral position
  • How to use the defibrillator
  • Alerts and tips

Health information about you and people you care about

In case of emergency medical intervention, you can store the key information that can critically affect the administration of first aid procedures, whether for you or people you care about.

A quick overview of your surroundings from bird's view

  • Display of your current location
  • Quick access to the entire world map
  • Normal map
  • Hybrid map
  • Satellite image

All resuscitation procedures are enriched with images

For better understanding of how to give CPR, all procedures are enriched with images.

Download First Aid Help application to your phone today!

First Aid Help - Download

Application First Aid Help, information and content withing the application are not intended to replace professional medical care, emergency medical assistance, the official first aid course or CPR education. Application is not intended to replace medical staff.

In case of life-threatening situation or need of emergency medical assistance immediately seek medical attention and do not rely on an application or its contents.

Personal information that users enter into the phone is not sent anywhere, and it is not used in for any other purposes.